Grantee Materials

The following may be helpful to Otto Bremer Foundation grantees. We will add additional materials over time, so please check back periodically here and on our Links page to see what’s new.

Grant reports

The Otto Bremer Foundation requires a narrative report and a financial report at the end of each grant year.

We are interested in learning from your experience through the narrative report. We are particularly interested in hearing about the outcomes of the work funded by the grant—both successes and disappointments—and any lessons learned. Understanding the accomplishments and challenges of the organizations we support is key to making our future work as effective as possible. We will also share the learning we glean from grantees with organizations in Bremer communities doing similar work or facing similar challenges.

In the financial report, we are interested in learning how the money was spent.

Please note: If your organization received a grant before July 2014, you may use the Minnesota Common Report Form for both reports and submit them directly to our grants manager, Danielle Cheslog, at For grants received in or after July 2014, please complete the Otto Bremer Foundation grant report found in your Applicant and Grantee Portal account.

News release template

Distributing a news release about your Otto Bremer Foundation grant can enable your organization to inform stakeholders and members of the public about your work and why it is important. As part of your ongoing communications, a news release may help attract new partners and supporters to leverage your mission and activities.

Grantees occasionally ask the Foundation for help in preparing their own news releases about their Otto Bremer Foundation grant. We have prepared a template that may be of assistance. Please contact our Communications Department if you would like a quote from the Foundation to include in your news release.