One Grant at a Time

The Otto Bremer Trust has a policy of providing one grant to an organization at a time. This policy enables OBT to use grant outcomes and reports to make well-informed decisions.

OBT has a policy of providing one grant at a time to an organization. Generally, this means applicants may apply once per 12-month period. OBT requires that applicants complete the terms of a grant and file a final narrative and financial report before the trustees will consider a subsequent funding request. Under circumstances in which the timing element of this policy is unclear, program staff will communicate with grant applicants to determine eligibility.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some basic questions and answers about how that process will work:

1. Final reports. When can my organization submit its final reports?

When the one-year grant period is completed (or when the grant activity is completed, if that is sooner), your organization may submit its final narrative and financial reports.

2. New proposal. When can my organization submit a new proposal?

Your organization may submit a new proposal after:

    • OBT has received the organization's final narrative and financial reports from the previous grant; and
    • The one-year grant period from the previous grant is complete.

3. Exceptions. Are there any exceptions to this policy?

Yes, there are two exceptions to this policy. In these two situations, the one-grant-at-a-time policy does not apply:

    • Fiscal sponsors. An organization currently receiving an Otto Bremer Trust grant may apply for a new grant to support activities of a different organization for which it is serving as the fiscal sponsor. Similarly, an organization serving as fiscal sponsor for a program receiving an Otto Bremer Trust grant may apply for a grant for its own activities.
    • Serving a different Bremer community. An organization currently receiving an Otto Bremer Trust grant to serve one Bremer community is eligible to apply for another grant to serve a different Bremer community.