A new evaluation resource for community organizations and funders

Flash cards coverA new Foundation publication—Evaluation Flash Cards: Embedding Evaluative Thinking in Organizational Cultureintroduces and illustrates core evaluation concepts that can help organizations understand and improve the results of the programs they support.

Written by evaluation expert Michael Quinn Patton, the 25 “flash cards” help organizational leaders:

  • Understand what constitutes a good evaluation and appreciate the purposes and strengths of different types of evaluation
  • Create clear, ‘SMART’ program goals and meaningful performance targets
  • Understand what claims of effectiveness are worth paying attention to
  • Distinguish opinions and hypotheses from high-quality lessons that constitute actionable knowledge
The evaluation flash cards grew out of a series of learning seminars conducted by Patton for Foundation trustees and staff. We are using the insights and materials in our own work and hope they are useful for others. We welcome your comments.