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Evaluation Flash Cards
Embedding Evaluative Thinking in Organizational Culture

March 2017
As part of our ongoing work to strengthen our support for communities, the trustees and staff of the Otto Bremer Trust engaged in a series of learning seminars on evaluation. In order to make the core concepts easily accessible and retrievable, we asked Michael Quinn Patton, who led these seminars, to create a set of basic reference cards. These became the Evaluation Flash Cards presented here, with the idea that a core concept can be revisited “in a flash.” Illustrations of the concepts are drawn from Otto Bremer Trust grants. We hope this resource is useful to other organizations committed to understanding and improving the results of the programs they support.

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Support for Homeless Youth

December 2012

Grants totaling $4 million over three years are helping six organizations enhance safety and short-term stability for homeless youth and enable them to start on the path of healthy development. Funding is building additional capacity for street outreach to homeless youth, increasing the emergency shelter space available for youth and providing operating support for opportunity centers where homeless youth can find daytime support and connections to health, educational and employment opportunities.

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Promoting Positive Youth Development in Mankato

March 2012

Four grants totaling up to $1 million are promoting positive youth development activities in Mankato, ensuring broad access to these activities by addressing financial and logistical barriers and encouraging community members to help build the financial capacity to address youth development into the future. The initiative is based on the belief that the community benefits when all youth have opportunities for participation and leadership.

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The Bremer Emergency Fund:
Helping Individuals and Families Navigate Crisis

December 2010

The Bremer Emergency Fund was created as a joint response by the Otto Bremer Foundation and Bremer Bank to the economic challenges facing communities. The fund provided 81 grants totaling $4.2 million to enable community organizations in Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin to provide emergency financial assistance to families and individuals struggling to provide basics such as food, warm and stable housing, health care, and reliable transportation. This report outlines the impact of the 2009 emergency fund grants as well as ongoing needs identified by the participating organizations.

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